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On behalf of the Connecticut Society of Eye Physician’s Education Committee we welcome you
to Connecticut and thank you for your commitment to providing the highest quality of CME
education to our members. As a reminder of the CME guidelines we ask that our speakers read the
following in preparation of replica watches uk our scientific program. Again, thanks for your cooperation and support.

Speaker’s Instructions for presenting:

- Include FINANCIAL INTEREST (or lack thereof) on title slide or opening credits (to include the
  type of relationship and the name of the company). Disclosure should include financial interests
   relevant to the  presentation topic only (there is no need to list all relationships, only those
   related to the presentation/film).
- No product/trade names can be used in the title. (Generic descriptors required for CME purposes).
  Do not use questions or statements as a title. Do not use all cap lettering; use proper title
  format. Example: Evaluation of Image Degradation under Scotopic Conditions in Patients With
  Silicone Hinged IOLs.
- Meet standards of scientific integrity (and is free of commercial bias)

- Use generic names when possible
- Use brand names consistently if used
- Include all treatment options with pro’s/con’s of each cited
- Cite positive and negative studies
- Clearly state when offering your opinion
- Use your own slides (ASCRS understands that incorporation of corporate slides will sometimes
  ensure accurate product information; however, remember, it should be your work that is presented).
- Please note product logos/packaging are strictly prohibited


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*Travel - Airfare is coach class unless approved by the CSEP Education Committee prior to booking