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David W. Parke, M.D. Lecture

The Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians is proud to announce our first named lecture after CSEP past president, AAO Humanitarian Award recipient, and CSMS Paul K. Maloney, Jr., Distinguished Service Award recipient, David W. Parke, MD. The recipient of the David W. Parke Lecture is recognized as an individual who embodies the qualities that distinguish the professional character and life service of David W. Parke, MD.

Dr. Parke exemplifies the highest standard of patient care, teaching, community service and professional achievement in the specialty of Ophthalmology. With a professional and non-professional career hallmarked by numerous accomplishments, David W. Parke, MD exemplifies the physician as humanitarian. We are deeply indebted to him for his lifelong journey of excellence, a journey that has benefited and continues to benefit thousands of patients, students of medicine, colleagues and the profession of Ophthalmology, and that will serve as a gold standard for future generations to come.

The following honorees have been recipients of this award:

David W. Parke, II, M.D. 2014
Douglas D. Koch, M.D. 2015
Philip Joseph Rosenfeld, M.D. 2016
George A. Williams, M.D. 2018
Carol L. Shields, M.D. 2019